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University today

Gorno-Altaisk State University in Brief

At present, GASU is a centre of science, culture, and education in the Altai Republic.

It includes Departments of Natural Sciences and Geography, History and Philology, Psychology and Educational Sciences, Economics and Law, and Altai Studies and Turkic Languages, and the Institute of Physics & Mathematics and Engineering & Technology, which offer 5 Secondary Vocational Programs, 28 Bachelor’s, 1 Specialist's, 12 Master’s, and 12 Candidate Degrees.

The university prepares mathematicians, physicists, biologists, chemists, geographers, historians, philologists, economists, lawyers, managers, bookkeepers, agriculturists, veterinary surgeons, dog breeders, psychologists, teachers, social workers, experts in the tourism industry and other fields of activity.

The university is guided by leading achievements in the field of higher education:

• Modern educational programs;

• Module and rating system of training;

• Development of initiative and independent work of students;

• A combination of training and research work;

• Use of modern computer technologies.

The address: 1, Lenkin street, Gorno-Altaisk 649000, Altai Republic, Russia

Phone: +7(38822) 2-64-39

Fax: +7(38822) 2-67-35

E-mail: office@gasu.ru

WWW: http://www.gasu.ru

Admissions office site: abit.gasu.ru

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